Industrial and consumer products

We are well versed in consumer protection issues on the domestic level as well as EU’s Directive on Consumer Rights and given our experience, we are determined to solve these issues for you.

We represent our clients in matters relating to misrepresentation, unfair business practices, privacy rights, internal compliance processes, free flow of information, fraud andother issues.

As consumer protection is becoming increasingly important to EU legislator and local governments, businesses require professional legal expertise more than ever. We are committed to helping our client’s businesses prosper by advising on compliance with fair competition, free flow of information and other consumer protection laws on a local and international level.

We advise you in the area of industrial and consumer products concerning product distribution, safety, recalls, liability issues, packaging, labeling, advertising, e-commerce, direct marketing and other B2C interactions, privacy rights, unfair business practices, fraud and misrepresentation.


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