We are well aware of the legal issues regarding digital media and the convergence between traditional distribution and Internet services, thus we advise you in the creation of content and the provision of information.

In ever evolving field of media with technologies changing the way that content is created and distributed, and information being shared at accelerated rates, professional legal service is must have.

Our approach to the field of media is based on an in-depth understanding of local regulation and international situation, industry trends, and the nuanced relations between business, media and the law. Whether our clients face issues that are distinctly regulatory, transactional, litigation, intellectual property or a cross-disciplinary mix of several practice areas, our team provides innovative and efficient solutions through a multi-faceted and multidisciplinary approach.

We represent clients in the fields of social media, branding, Internet matters as well as media buying. Our team of experts offers legal advice to both local and foreign media companies and businesses across a broad spectrum of industries in the field of media law. Whether it be film, music, television, gaming, advertising, internet or social media, we have deep experience addressing the needs of a wide range of media companies are committed to continuous research to stay ahead of the ever-evolving media sector.


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