Corporate and commercial law

In areas of corporate and commercial law we provide our customers with an entire service, regardless of their industrial activity or structure.

We understand that, from sole proprietors to major corporations, every company’s needs are different and our Corporate & Commercial law experts possess knowledge and expirience to meet those needs. Law and business are very much interconnected, so superior service offered to our clients can result in our client’s successful business activity and better overall market understanding.

Our team provides legal advice on Slovenian corporate law with regards to the establishment and management of corporate entities, private institutions, and subsidiaries of foreign enterprises.

Our legal expertise provides clients with assistance in managing, merging, acquiring, transforming, investing, concluding agreements and contracts, complying with business and settling disputes before courts.
We prepare appropriate documentation for our clients and familiarize them with all relevant facts that enable efficient service.


Law firm Sibinčič Novak & Partners
Dalmatinova ulica 8
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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District court of Ljubljana