Competiton law

Our law firm’s team has facilitated a vast number of local and regional mergers and is fully capable of carrying out cross-border compliance strategies and multi-jurisdictional merger filings.

As the global economy expands, ever more companies are faced with competition concerns in various jurisdictions while investigations of national authorities are increasing, and enforcement is more aggressive. Violations of competition laws are subject to enormous fines and even a “mere” investigation can cause significant reputational damage to a company.

Our Competition law team is capable of carrying out complex, cross-border compliance strategies and coordinating multijurisdictional mergers, as we have facilitated regional segments of some of the largest global mergers. Our multi-disciplinary approach and international education provide our clients with integrated assistance in pre-merger filings; analyzing and defending mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures; advising on business conduct; defending companies under investigation; and litigating when necessary.

Our lawyers provide expertise concerning trusts, vertical and horizontal agreements, dominant position and market behavior, control of concentrations, compliance with regulations, due diligence estimates and employee training, trade associations, risk assessment of violation of competition, competition protection methods, administrative proceedings and litigation, market and sector analysis, and public procurement.


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