Legal 500 Ranking

We are happy to announce that Sibinčič Novak & Partners has been ranked again by
the Legal 500 among the leading law firms in Slovenia!

Our Managing Partner Jan Sibinčič has also been re-ranked as Leading Individual in

A big thanks to our clients who put their confidence in us and make us internationally

We remain committed to professionalism and to finding effective legal solutions for
our clients.

Sibinčič Novak & Partners has joined Mackrell International Legal Network! A global network of law firms specializing in all fields of law. Working with lawyers from around the world broadens our legal and business horizons and enables our clients to quickly access legal assistance in any country in the world

At the same time, we became member of LexAdria, an alliance of leading independent law firms in the Adriatic region, connecting law firms in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. We strive to upgrade our knowledge of the business environment in the region by working with the local legal experts. To better serve the needs of our clients.

Proud to be on board.

We are proud to announce that Sibinčič Novak & Partners has been ranked by the Chambers and Partners Global Guide 2024 among the top 11 law firms in Slovenia in the area of Corporate/Commercial law!

Our Managing Partner Jan Sibinčič has also been re-ranked as one of the most recognised attorneys in Slovenia in the field of corporate/commercial law. 

A big “thank you” to all our clients for their trust and all the opportunities for making the ranking possible, as well as to our dedicated team.

We will continue to strive to provide our clients with reliable, highly professional and efficient legal support, as well as responsive assistance from our entire team.

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Law firm Sibinčič Novak & Partners l.f. Ltd. 

The law firm was founded by a split-off from the Law firm Sibinčič Križanec Novak l.f. Ltd. with which we shared a wealth of experience and expertise during the past decade and now the partners Jan Sibinčič, Matic Novak and Nina Čuden are embarking on a new journey.

Our practice will continue to focus on the challenges of commercial law: from all forms of business acquisitions and disposals, status transformations to take-overs, international transactions and corporate finance. We will continue to provide you with expert support in business development and restructuring, drawing on our deep understanding of commercial, employment, real estate and intellectual property law. We will also keep providing you with professional representation in judicial and administrative proceedings, as well as in alternative dispute resolution procedures.

We are very enthusiastic to embark on a new journey with new team members. We have significantly strengthened our team with dr. Anja Strojin Štampar, a specialist in civil and commercial law and an associate professor of law, with many years of experience in business and law practice. Our team will be further strengthen by another attorney, Jan Lukšič, an experienced lawyer in the field of labour and intellectual property law, who will join our team shortly. In addition to the trainee Jan Bojović, we are joined by two outstanding young colleagues, Hana Šušteršič and Nina Jasenc Lenček, who have already gained experience in the legal profession, as well as the new head of office, Kristina Schoss. Kristina has worked in an international law firm for many years therefore her experience is invaluable. Soon, we will be adding an excellent specialist in the field of labour and intellectual property law to our team. We will be pleased to introduce him to you shortly. We are confident that we can offer you the highest level of legal services and tackle the most demanding legal challenges together with you.


Integrity – expertise – excellence.


Our shared vision is to remain a leading law firm in Slovenia and in the wider region, while maintaining the highest level of service quality.

Our team members believe in professionalism, discipline and ambition to achieve common goals. Finding new opportunities for you and helping you improve your business will continue to be our core value. Excellence is our guiding principle in everything we do, and our profound knowledge of the business environment and innovative approaches serve as the foundation for delivering superior legal services.

You can visit us at our new business premises at Dalmatinova street 8 (2nd floor) in Ljubljana, or contact us by email at or by phone on + 386 1 234 7660. You can also contact members of our team directly using the email addresses and telephone numbers published on our website

We look forward to new opportunities and new cooperations!

Sibinčič Novak & Partners team

On 4 May 2019, the amendments to the Personal Income Tax Act (ZDoh-2U) and the Pension and Disability Insurance Act (ZPIZ-2F) entered into force relieving taxation for the annual holiday leave pay. The amount of 100% of the average monthly salary of employees in Slovenia is not included in the tax base of income from employment and the basis for payment of social security contributions. This amends the previous regime according to which it was necessary to calculate personal income tax from the entire compensation and social security contributions if it was higher than 70% of the average salary.

The amendments are both from the perspective of the employer and from the point of view of the worker. The employer is obliged to deduct the withholding tax and contributions only in the part where the annual leave pay exceeds 100% of the average monthly salary. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the average monthly gross earnings amount to EUR 1,721.82. However, even if the employer paid the compensation only at the level of the minimum wage in accordance with the Employment Relationships Act, the worker will still receive at least EUR 886.63.

The amendment to the legislation is effective from 1 January 2019. Therefore, for payments carried out before 4 May 2019, the law provides for a special procedure for the repayment of overpaid advance payment of personal income tax, overpaid and deducted contributions (reimbursement to the employee) and excessively charged contributions (reimbursement to the employer). The repayment of these amounts will be carried out by a special decision by the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.
A tax or legal expert can advise you on the calculation and obligations regarding the payment of personal income tax from the annual leave pay.


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